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By Darren

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Hello Ultralightnews, Where could I find some information regarding ULA Eurpean rules? I’m particularly interested in what pilot license I need to fly Ultralight in Slovakia, Austria and Hungary. I’m also trying to find what taxes and other obligations come along with owing and flying a light aircraft in Europe. Bottom line, I’m looking for the cheapest way to get airborne :) Thank you!

Looks smooth

If you have a private license you do not need an ultralight permit.

I have a question, my brother and father have private pilot licences and we own ultralights. With the laws as they stand in Canada to my understanding is I need a licence to fly them now, what kind of trouble am i looking at if I get caught flying and who is the people who are going to catch me in a rural area? seems to me some is looking for money making it mandatory to have a licence just like they did with boats.

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