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Flying An Ultralight Trike

By Darren

One Saturday morning I went out to Trinca Airport in Andover, NJ and flew an Airborne XT912 Ultralight with NJ Ultralights



That looks like so much fun!

It is more fun as far I am concerned and more accessible to those of us with limited income. Best of both worlds as far as I can see it.

One day I’ll build a makeshift runway in some farm house and buy me one of these. Is the sport pilot license difficult to get as in a professional pilot license?

Sure do, you need a Sport Pilot rating with a WSCL endorsement to fly the trike in the movie. You can fly a FAR 103 aircraft if you hold a valid drivers license and I suggest have had professional instruction. You cannot buy a new FAR103 currently without proof of instruction from a qualified instructor.

Hope this helped.

no license required!

do you need a special license to fly an ultraluight?

Just found the video and was really pleased to see how much you enjoyed the flight. For those who have not tried it “you must” There are so few instructors available and NJ Ultralights is one of the few places you can experience this on the East Coast.
Great Video, all the Best Stephen (the pilot)

Nice video :)

Greeting from Poland :)

How hard is it to keep the bar steady with all the wind?

actually not good to relax in i meant good for adventurous people :)

great plane if you want to relax!

I’m considering flying to Trinca tomorrow morning (Cessna 172)…this video has convinced me to do it. Thanks for taking the time to post it!

Nice Landing! Must’ve been bumpy.

my sentiments exactly… now if only the microphone had been shielded better from the wind to avoid that pesky wind shear noise…

Thanks for the flight, always a fun experience.

Thanks for the view of Trinca. Trinca is hallowed ground and I’m embarrased to say that I get emotional when I see that airport. I did my first solo there and more. The last time I was there was for the memorial of Pete Billow. I miss him and the airport. Please keep this airport alive!

what wing are u using?


Awesome video! I wish I did not get motion sickness, but the best on YouTube yet. Thanks for posting.

No at all, very easy flying! I love it.

No its not. I have a Pegasus 503 and it easily tops 70mph. The design of the wind, the engine, make it easily able to get to 70 mph.

70mh is an overstatement. 45-55mh is what those things fly on average.

Great Video, I haven’t seen a better video yet.
Its good that you didn’t take the ambient noise out and replace it with music. It gives you the feel of being in it yourself. I want to fly an Trike even more after seeing this Video.

Great Job, really Awesome video that captures the real feel of flight. thank you.

I fly powered paracutes but I would like to get into triking, is it very hard.

up and down in less than 5mins, amazing stuff the ultralight. are there many rules governing flying them?

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