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Girl 12 Flying Ultralight Unassisted

By Darren

This is my granddaughter taking me for a ride in my 1984 QuickSilver MX II with a 50 horsepower Rotax engine. It is registered and N-Numbered here in Western North Carolina. The control stick in her right hand is for elevator and rudder, the two levers on it R&L main wheel brakes. Her left hand is controlling the throttle, the foot pedals control spoilers on top of the wings. This is a two axis former ultralight trainer. The pedal controlled spoilers are only needed to fly when there is more wind. This day the wind was about 5 MPH. The nose wheel does not move, taxi steering is done with the stick controlling the rudder, and the R&L brakes. My grandchildren have been flying with me off and on since they were in diapers. At this point my granddaughter has about 40+/- hours of unlogged flying time, most of it in this aircraft. She says that controlling the plane is becoming second nature now, and she enjoys flying. If she keeps at it soon she will be able to fly my other plane, a single seat weedhopper ultralight. If and when we will post it on YouTube as well. This is low budget flying with bare minimum of equipment. We do not even have two way intercom between us. She has learned to fly by a lot of ground schooling, a few hand signals and simply getting into the seat and flying. She may someday go on to get her pilots license or maybe just stick to lightly regulated “ultralights” no license required. I got my “Private Pilot” License a year after getting out of high school



July 29th, 2011 at 7:15 pm

Your granddaughters growing up now, much bigger than the other clip,

Hi from France BustedBuzzard ! I love to see how you teach your granddaughter the joy of flying around in ultralight. I just bought my first one, A Quicksilver MXL 2 Sport and hope one day I’ll teach my sons and grandsons how to fly and fill their mind with beautifull images. I wish you all the best and keep on having a good time !!!
Fly safe !


I think she’s about ready for solo! Fantastic job!

So proud of my little girl!

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