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SkyFly Personal Ultralight VTOL Aircraft!

By Darren

For the price of your average new car you can FLY! No pilots license needed, no airport needed and learn to fly in one afternoon! This is a revised Hiller Flying Platform that is faster and safer than the 1950′s design. This is a concept I developed for as an attempt to create an ultralight VTOL aircraft. This is only an initial attempt. I am currently working on a revised design that will have more lifting power. Thank you for watching!



Actually, I think you are right on with this prediction. The best thing for a vehicle like this would be to have it remotely controlled by a central system. This design was an attempt to get airborne without much cost or training. The real solution is probably going to be what you described above.

The reason I am back to the drawing board with the design is to make it safer.

Publically owned flying cars based on military cargo drone vtol vehicles are a real possibility and, unlike this amateur invention, have most of the bugs removed from them. The military version will probably become a public transportation vehicle of some kind in the visible future, possibly replacing the private helicopter, small aircraft or airbus. The military based vehicle will also be available to anyone, potentially, since it’s remote controlled and requires no flight plan.

As one of the Gizmo’s from Gremlins says: Is it safe ? ;-D

Just get a hot air balloon

And the four separate engines it has are fueled by what?

April 10th, 2012 at 2:24 am

i spread word much very!

So people will be flying into houses, being annoying over parks and mountains… and crashing into tall buildings. Nice dream but not practical. I fear most people being grounded, put them in the air and OH GOD! Imagine drunk flyers… Not a good idea.

April 10th, 2012 at 2:24 am

I will never fly in something that will plummet out of the sky if the engine fails. Not even helicopters do that.

It’s ugly. Make it pretty, like a little flying car with foldup tires. Another problem is air traffic control. Roads control traffic by being the only surface vehicles can usually operate on efficiently. This device, as wonderful as it is, is not just ugly but an air traffic hazard. And nothing was said about how many miles per gallon it provides at what speeds. If I had a billion dollars, I’d promote it, though. It’s symbolic of freedom and a GREAT recreation vehicle despite flight plans req’d.

And another thing, I’ve been watching people drive for 50 years. The public can never ever ever ever have access to flying cars unless they have absolutely no control over them. Never. So just make one for yourself and don’t worry about the rest.

I thought ultralights were not allowed to fly over inhabited areas.

When you go through controled air space & congested areas, You will find the FAA paying you a visit with the moto “We’re not happy till your not happy”, read Part 103 & PT 91 of the CFRs Theres a lot more to it. than an idea & a drawing.

Thanks for sharing your non-existing aircraft with us.

Autodesk Alias

A guy named Martin down in New Zealand has solved the problem with his new, fully-operational and tested personal flying machine. No need to invest in this idea when he’s already done the work for the rest of us. The guy’s a genius. Just visit his website.

What software did you make it in? – PM mE

I thought about flying to work in a quadcopter, but there is a stability and weight issue with the amount of thrust required to put no less than 550 pounds into the air. It would have to fly by wire, because a pilot wouldn’t have the sensitivity to be able to control four engines to point the nose of the bird to where it needs to go. Tricopters are the same, and twin-rotor copters are just huge.

I am redesigning the aircraft.

Why have you not built a protype (ecept in 3D modeler)

I volunteir to test any of ur baby flyin artifacts im Megalika NeoPagana in FB

So in Cali instead of having drive by shootings they can have fly by shootings!

so why dont you show it flying instead of the one from the 50′s

I’m sorry. I have an answer for you but it won’t post.


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