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Syton AH130 Ultralight Helicopter

By Darren

Syton AH130 a new helicopter whit gas turbine produced by Alpi Aviation in Pordenone – Italy



This lil bird is one nice helicopter. It looks almost identical to the Rotorway Excect helicopter Manufactured in Channler, Arizona!

This guy is good!

the pilot really jerked up that collective

as it is called the company that made the engine for this machine

It’s obvious that this guy has no problem with ‘motion sickness’ lol

Nice helicopter….nice flying

thanks for sharing

Looks a lot like a rotorway, but not quite

Arme Frau, Erich kann sich wirklich nicht beherschen ;-) oder hat Sie selber den Achterbahnflug bestellt?
Nächste Woche bin ich auch bei Erich, wenn er sowas mit mir anstellt schwöre ich ihn den Hubschrauber vollzuspeibm!MfG vom Gardasee
Johann Doss

Hi, this helicopter cannot buy in a kit. It costs 180,000 euro. it produced by Alpi Aviation in Italy. it used a gas turbine whit FADEC.
Greeting from South Tyrol

WOW great helicopter, how much is a kit? What jet engine is being used?

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