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By Darren

Own this rare vintage Ultra Light…”FLY LIKE AN EAGLE” The UFM Easy Riser is an American swept wing biplane hang glider that was first powered in 1975, becoming the first modern Ultra Light aircraft. The Easy Riser was developed by Larry Mauro from the earlier Kiceniuk Icarus II biplane hang glider. An engine was installed by John Moody in 1975 so the glider could be launched from flat terrain. On July 27, 1976 John K. Moody, world renowned “Father of Ultra Lights”, demonstrated Ultra Light aviation at the annual EAA fly-in convention in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, with a foot launched McCulloch 101 powered Icarus II in front of thousands of aviation-loving spectators, starting the modern ultra light aviation revolution in the USA. Later he added wheels to the aircraft and by the end of 1979, there were almost 100 competing companies selling powered Ultra Lights (micro lights) but very few were foot-launchable. The Easy Riser is constructed with an aluminum structure and wooden ribs, covered in doped aircraft fabric covering, Mylar or other coverings. The pilot sits on a fabric sling seat. Engines used include the 11 hp (8 kW) McCullochMAC-101, 15 hp (11 kW) Hirth F-36 and Solo 210 VERY EASY TO ASSEMBLE … EASY TRANSPORTING THE WINGS THEY FIT ON TOP OF THE CAR ALSO ENGINE AND TRICYLCE FIT IN YOUR TRUNK. (SOLD AS-IS~ NO GUARANTEES NO LIABILITIES) FOR SALE 00. SERIOUS INQUIRIES PLEASE



In the early 70′s one of these craft was fitted w/ solar panels on the top wing an undercarriage a ballast battery & an electric motor Then made its maiden flight from Fla-bob airfield near Riverside CA. Word has it that they tried to show at an EAA event & were turned away. At any rate the plane flew quite well.

Do u still have it?

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